The Mozzarella of Happiness

Passion and love for nature

This is how our Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP born


The Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP Lupara is the wonderful result of the Campania dairy tradition. Made using only the milk of our farms, and following ancient rules applied to modern technologies, Lupara Mozzarella releases all the scent and flavor of our land.


The milk to produce the Lupara Mozzarella comes from the buffaloes of our farms, located exclusively in the territories provided for by the regulations of the Protection Consortium. And to ensure the quality of our products, we only process fresh milk drawn on the same day and guaranteed by rigorous compliance analyzes.


Our buffaloes are raised in spaces and structures that guarantee to best express their natural behavior. Furthermore, they are followed at every stage of their life by a team of veterinarians and specialized personnel who are constantly concerned with their well-being.


In the more than 500 hectares of land of the group's farms, fodder is grown for a healthy and balanced diet of the buffaloes. No use of GMOs, nourishment of the earth with natural fertilizers, wise and balanced crop rotation. Few rules and a lot of love for nature.

A short, traceable and fully controlled supply chain

We build our Quality starting from the “blade of grass”

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